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Major Trends in Coworking Industries

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We at VenuesHigh believe that coworking has changed the way millennial work at office or Home. Software Industries have made work from home an option to work. While That itself big change the way corporate offices operate, coworking is another trend that is making big shift in work culture. 

  1. Real Estate is becoming On Demand

The kind of growth phase that  startups like OYO,OLA or Flipkart along VC funding, they move to newer office place in 12 months to 24 months duration. In such scenario leasing a office space for 10 years does not make sense. Startups and Growth Phase companies look for a fast solution and there is no bigger trend visible for real estate companies  than adapting to the needs of companies  and be a On Demand product.   

2. Coworking is not a Hippi or Fest Camp.

Coworking spaces are often looked as a lifestyle choice,Truth is that while they are at prime part of the cities and attracts more than corporate companies.  Coworking is a community place  & modern days facility management. it’s not at all a Hippie or Fest Camp.

3. Technology Creates Wow Experience

You can’t and actually don’t want to have a 20 people management team per location. Smart use of the right technologies can avoid problems and create a superior experience. More and more coworking spaces offer companies and small teams  a high technology enabled environment without having to plan and cover those fixed costs themselves

In a country like India or UAE or any growing phase countries need to have more of coworking lifestyle. Lot of coworking companies must make sure they provide a apt space for startups & be part of their growth. Coworks are not any more a real estate component . Coworking Spaces are more like A technology hubs with lot innovators so think beyond being realestate and be part of the journey of the members of cowork spaces.


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