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Future of Coworking Spaces — a boon or a bane?

The concept of coworking spaces has been trendy now. Over a decade coworking spaces are there and the future of coworking spaces has been expected to grow beyond one’s expectations. The trends have emerged mainly in the areas such as designs, locations, technology, security, accessibility, connectivity, culture and many more. However, the nature of work develops gradually and the use for sophisticated technology helps the coworking spaces to grow further in the future. Individuals come to collaborating spaces to work yet according to ongoing patterns in cooperating society, there considerably more than workspace that is required.

Benefits that CoWorking Spaces provides —

Hassle free environment:Encircle yourself in a quality coworking space may bring the success to you. You will discover individuals who are experiencing very similar things, alongside numerous other people who have officially confronted these barriers and won. Their essence ought to be a steady update that we are all in it together.

Optimal usage and accessibility of resources: The new ideas and opportunities will be exhibited by working collaboratively. Since everybody is moving in the direction of a similar objective of structure a business and verifying beneficial understandings, you can comprehend each other effectively and gain from one another.

Ensures productivity and creativity: The way you work with the ideas, resources and individuals helps your productivity to increase with your creative thoughts that arises by working collectively. They are many things that diverts your concentration, which can be overcome by working in a peaceful environment. You can use your time wisely by planning according to the schedule and achieving them.

Responsibility and Accountability: Working with the people around you can inspire you to the best performance in your business activities. The most important thing is to make yourself accountable for the time and money spent by you. The fulfillment of your assigned duty can ensure your passion about the job which shows that you are a responsible person.

Overcome your boredom and loneliness: The individuals may face the problem of loneliness and isolation. By working in the offices may help them in overcoming the problem by making friends and staying in touch with them. The work may be neglected or may be incomplete because of no close supervision. So the coworking is the best solution to go with.

Trends of Coworking Spaces —

The urban areas with the most interest for such common work spaces are Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, urban areas which are seeing an exponential ascent in tech and web based new companies.

According to CBRE, in the next few years, with office rents continuing to move up across India, the total space leased by co-working operators in tier-1 and tier-2 cities could touch 6–10 m sq. ft. by 2020.

Top 3 companies: WeWorksCowrks91SpringBoard

Total number of seats being used: 15 Million

Number of seats used by big organisations: 10 Million

Number of seats used by big SMEs: 2 Million

Number of seats used by big freelancers and startups: 3 Million

How the future of CoWorking Spaces going to be?

New companies have been early adopters of cowork spaces, yet the coming year will see corporates taking advantage of its potential too. Corporates today need to depict themselves as new-age organizations, with progressively present day culture to pull in youthful ability. Giving adaptable work choices is a sound methodology.

The overall look, comfort and feel of coworking spaces is likely to improve in future.

It has seen a quick development in the quantity of experts to favor collaborating spaces over the conventional office set up in the on-going years. India by and large is experiencing an ocean of progress since there are plenty of MNCs, SMEs and developing new businesses which are looking effectively to move into collaborating spaces. Presently cooperating industry has cut a specialty for itself in the Indian economy. Coworking patterns may fluctuate from place to place and even from time to time.


The coworking spaces undergo many types of facilities that are used by the coworkers. Startups and entrepreneurs prefer coworking and shared office spaces more than individual spaces these days. The cost that is associated by running the coworking spaces is lesser than the traditional workspace. The cost effective and flexible environment also helps the employees in enhancing their personal and professional networks. So the coworking spaces are going to be a boon in the coming days and also for a booming future.

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