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The Difference between Work from Home, Coffee Shop & a Coworking Space

A Traditional way of working is to work from home. It is generally done to save many hidden costs that are associated with going to work such as fuel costs, motor vehicle wear and tear, parking etc and also the indirect costs. The women can also take care of their little children by looking after them and working simultaneously. The timings of the work will be flexible as per their requirements and the unwanted issues that arise in the offices can be avoided. Work from home also helps the individuals to achieve more productivity by having less stress.

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Besides, there are also some disadvantages attached to work from home. The individuals may face the problem of loneliness and isolation. By working in the offices may help them in overcoming the problem by making friends and staying in touch with them. The problems of distraction may also arise by the neighbors, friends, relatives and others which may be unavoidable. The work may be neglected or may be incomplete because of no close supervision.

The trend has emerged to work from a coffee shop where you may feel joy to work. It may boost your creativity thoughts because of being different from the normal environment. There is also a chance to make new friends in the coffee shop and get chilled with them which results in stress less work and ensures focusing on the work without any mental disturbances.

Many distractions may arise in the coffee shop because of the external factors such as people coming in, going out, unwanted noises, etc. Taking calls will also be difficult because of the surroundings in the coffee shop and may prevent you from doing a proper video calling. The unwanted problems such as missing of any accessories may take place because of leaving all those on the table when you go to the rest room.

The later stage and the present trend is to work in coworking spacesCoworking Space is a place where the individuals work independently or collaboratively in a shared office space to achieve their individual of organizational goals. The space owners provides environment where the facilities such as office equipment and amenities are provided to the coworkers. The features of coworking spaces include 24/7 accessibility, shared offices, lounges, kitchens, rest rooms, and many others.

The shared office may facilitate you to decrease your startup costs & equipment costs, increase your flexibility, location friendly and promote your work life balance.

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Work from home may create many disturbances and results in incomplete work. Working in a coffee shop may lead to many difficulties as the work environment is little inconsistent. So the best place to work is the coworking space as the disturbances and other factors will be minimized in a environment surrounded by better working conditions.


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