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The popularity of coworking has boomed after 2017. Here, we bring you a guide to what it’s all about – from benefits and facilities to costs and considerations. If you’re already sold, why not start your search


What is a coworking space?

Coworking spaces are a mix of shared office space, business centre and café. They offer a fresh alternative to the restrictive rents and leases of traditional office spaces and commercial real estate and come with a range of benefits beyond flexible contracts, such as community events and plug & play set up.

Unlike a traditional office, co-working spaces consist of members who work for a range of different companies, start-ups or freelancers. The result is an atmosphere that’s relaxed yet professional, collaborative and creative, with a real sense of community at its core.

The modern working world is different. It’s mobile and flexible. Freelancers, start-ups and larger enterprises, Work from home professionals alike need professional working spaces that accommodate the way we work today. You might need office facilities for a few months, or just one day a month or just an hour, and coworking spaces offer that kind of freedom, without skimping on location or amenities.

Types of coworking space

There are lots of co-working environments out there, all with their very own unique vibe and eco-system. If you are considering moving into a coworking space it’s a good idea to visit several to get a feel for the space. Some spaces are perfect for creatives, some more focussed on tech and others are great all-rounders. In general, in terms of the actual space you will be working from, you have three main options to choose from.


Hot-desking is a popular option for freelancers that don’t need a stationary computer and like versatility. You show up in the morning with your laptop and grab a free desk in a coworking area. If you only need desk or studio space every now and then, a hot desk is a great option. This is generally the cheapest and most flexible option, just make sure you get there early if you want a window seat!

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Fixed Desk

For more permanent space, you can rent a fixed desk or an amount of fixed desks for you and your team. This means you can leave your equipment at work over night and personalise the desk as you wish. You’ll normally share the room with other businesses which is great for networking and knowledge sharing. You can get a fixed desk for yourself or for a bigger team – ideal if your business is growing as it’s easy to simply rent more desks in the same space.

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Private Office

You and your team can set yourselves up with your own private office within the larger shared building. This gives you more peace and privacy as well as the ability to personalise the office to your needs. As you’re still in a coworking space you and your staff will benefit from all the networking events, break out spaces and general innovative vibe the space has to offer. Renting a private office is normally the most expensive option of the three, but as you licence the space rather than lease it, it is very flexible. You normally only have to give a month’s notice (rather than having to sign up for years..)

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