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Why Coworking Spaces, not Executive Offices?

  • In past a common market’s misconception is that if you really want to get work done, you should go to an executive room rather than a coworking space.
    • Besides, the simple idea of coworking suggests:
      • Independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility and executives who prefer work- friendly environment performs great, together than they do alone.
      • Coworking spaces are about network, community-building and sustainability.
      • Coworking members uphold the values, as well as interact and share information with fellow coworkers.
  • While the preference among these might be difficult in level of professionalism, we have identified a few other benefits:
  • Pricing
    • Than executive offices, Coworking spaces are generally available at your affordable pricing.
    • Especially for entreprenures, start-ups, micro – small – medium companies and for individuals it makes sense to rent a desk or office space in a coworking space to save money and make use of the other benefits and facilities a coworking space has.
  • Community
    • Community development is what a Coworking spaces focus as their main priority.
    • The Coworking space enables their users to build networking, corporations, conducting events and workshops for all members to expand their market network.
    • This case is totally different in executive offices. The executive office space is only used as a facility.
    • Especially for start-ups and entrepreneurs who are interested in networking and cooperating with other firms, a coworking space will be more convenient. It is also useful to get help from coworkers in different industries.
  • Creativity and Productivity
    • Coworking spaces will definitely help you to enhance your creativity with fellow coworkers. It is very helpful to hear the opinion and the ideas from other entreprenures and coworkers outside your company.
    • It will help you to enhance your productivity. You will keep yourself self motivated to work when you see that everyone else in the room does the same.
    • Celebracting the success of your co-members will also have a positive impact on your work as you do not want to be the least successful person and so you will keep on working hard to achive your dreams.
  • Privacy
    • If you want to have a lot of privacy, you need to choose an executive office.
    • In coworking spaces, you will sit next to other members whom you don’t know and you will have your phone calls next to them or you have to go a separate space for a couple of minutes.
    • Executive offices are more private. The disadvantage of this privacy is that you will miss all the networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Infact it is well known that companies and freelancers that are interested in networking and cooperating with other companies should choose a coworking space while companies and freelancers that have many sensitive calls and do not need and don’t want help from others should work in an executive office.


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