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The popularity of coworking has boomed after 2017. Here, we bring you a guide to what it’s all about – from benefits and facilities to costs and considerations. If you’re already sold, why not start your search  FIND COWORKING SPACE What is a coworking space? Coworking spaces are a mix of shared office space, business centre and café. They offer […]

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Why Coworking Spaces, not Executive Offices?

In past a common market’s misconception is that if you really want to get work done, you should go to an executive room rather than a coworking space. Besides, the simple idea of coworking suggests: Independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility and executives who prefer work- friendly environment performs great, together than they do […]

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Major Trends in Coworking Industries

We at VenuesHigh believe that coworking has changed the way millennial work at office or Home. Software Industries have made work from home an option to work. While That itself big change the way corporate offices operate, coworking is another trend that is making big shift in work culture.  Real Estate is becoming On Demand The […]

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